Supporting Fabricate's templates in Emacs

In its current state, Fabricate is best supported by the Emacs text editor. This is because of the very convenient package polymode, which allows for context-sensitive definitions of major modes based on a syntax that uses regular expressions.

I welcome those knowledgeable enough about other editors to add support for Fabricate's syntax to add instructions via a Github issue.

The easiest way to set things up is via use-package. Here's how it works:

;; Homepage:
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
(use-package polymode
  (define-hostmode poly-fabricate-hostmode
    :mode 'fundamental-mode)
  (define-hostmode poly-fabricate-md-hostmode
    :mode 'markdown-mode)
  (define-innermode poly-fabricate-clojure-innermode
    :mode 'clojure-mode
    :head-matcher "\"?✳ *[-=]?"
    :tail-matcher "🔚\"?"
    :head-mode 'host
    :tail-mode 'host)
  (define-polymode poly-fabricate-mode
    :hostmode 'poly-fabricate-hostmode
    :innermodes '(poly-fabricate-clojure-innermode))
  (define-polymode poly-fabricate-md-mode
    :hostmode 'poly-fabricate-md-hostmode
    :innermodes '(poly-fabricate-clojure-innermode)))

Adding this to your config will give you the mode poly-fabricate-mode, which uses fundamental-mode for basic text and clojure-mode for Fabricate expressions. Fully compatible with Cider + REPL use; Fabricate exists in large part because I wanted a static website generator as responsive as my REPL. Now I have it, and you do too.